Saturday, April 25, 2009

Smannell Lib Dems through their weight behind Nick Cleggs campaign to allow ex Gurkhas to remain in the UK

There are times in your life when you have to use the word "disgraceful" and every supporter of Gordon Brown and the Labour Party should hang their heads in shame after yesterday cowardly decision to discriminate against ex Gurkhas.
The Gurkhas who fought alongside my grandfather and father, (a life long labour supporter) in the First and Second World Wars would be turning in their graves if they heard the news. Smannell Liberal Democrats today threw its weight behind the brave Gurkhas right to settle in the UK despite attempts by Gordon Brown's "morally bankrupt" Labour government imposing punitive conditions on these brave ex servicemen.

In yesterdays government ruling imposed 6 tests on ex Gurkhas who despite fighting for King, Queen and Country and currently fighting in Afghanistan for the last 200 years were almost impossible to meet unless you were an officer with 20 years service. Ordinary privates excluded from serving more than 14 years can never make the 20 year qualification.

The Gurkhas have a lasting link with Hampshire and the Gurkha museum is based at Peninsular Barracks in Winchester.

Reacting to the Government announcement on the number of Gurkhas that will be allowed to settle in the UK.Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg asked "Are there any moral principles left in this hollowed-out Government?""

People who are prepared to fight and die for this country should be entitled to live in this country. Yet even this basic principle is broken by a Government desperate to cover its back and wriggle out of its commitments."This is the week Labour lost its last principles: dishonest with the nation about the state of our finances; cheating taxpayers by making MPs' expenses even murkier; and now turning its back on brave and loyal soldiers who simply want to live in the country they love and served."

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