Sunday, May 24, 2009

It has all gone quackers!

I always look forward to elections I lose weight - the endless round of drives to be trood, doors to knocked on and voters to be engaged. I am lucky living in the parish and the ward means that the people you chat to are the ones you talk to everyday. This is a great experience becasue canvassing can take hours as you engage on hot village topics as how are your Jersey Royals doing and would you like to join the allotment society we do not ahve one but that is my latest plan!
Last week whilst out canvassing in the parish I found two builders to give me quotes for our patio which seems to be scaring most builders off and came back with 6 eggs and 1 pot of honey. You know before you knock whether you can rely on their vote, you know what they will say to you, you know their circumstances and you know what services they are likely to offer you.
It is the benefit of living in the community you serve. I could not find anyone who could supply me with a duck house but thanks for the Andover Advertiser I can make my own for just twenty quid. (See link below)
As a Parish Councillor we get paid no expenses, and I for one would never want them because you do it for the service, the chance to engage, the chance to try and make life better for you and those who live with you.
Our voters in Smannell are bemused, angry and shocked with the events at Westminster as I am, however they recognise that the County elections are important. A trawl through the blog diary of this site will show that how Smannell has got a raw deal from County Hall despite the hard work of County Councillor Robin Hughes.

Those who heard Evan Davies chuckling and giggles when reading out the story on Hampshire MP Sir Peter Viggers duck house on the BBC today programme should take heart by following this link you can make your own duck house for just £20.

Click on play on the picture of the Duck Hosue and smile!

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