Saturday, May 16, 2009

Smannell Oak - Lib Dems working all year round

It was great to see Parish Councillor Phil Duke getting stuck into the "farcical sitution" Andover Advertiser 14th May 2009 that has developed over the Smannell Road closure which is having an effect on the trade at the Smannell Oak.

Our 2 Tory district councillors have been notably quiet over the road closure, you know the one that was sprung on the Parish Council and the County Councillor at the last minute. of course they would be as only 2 weeks ago a government inspector threw out the Tory led TVBC strategy plan and claimed that East Anton development had too many houses on it!

At least the Smannell Lib Dems who happen to live here, liv and breath the area and not 13 miles away have been working hard for the pub.

If we go back to last September we had to fight to get a road sign for the Oak on the A343 and cut through TVBC red tape the trail below just shows how out of touch Test Valley Borough Council really is.

Happy Saturday.

From: nigel.gooding@hotmail.comSubject: Fw: Smannel Oak Pub Tourist SignDate: Tue, 23 Sep 2008 08:38:40 +0100
Phil, Nigel

Confirmation of our discussion yesterday from the TVBC officers.


----- Original Message -----

From: Patel, Mayur
To: Robin Hughes
Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2008 8:35 AM
Subject: RE: Smannel Oak Pub Tourist Sign
Dear Councillor Hughes,

after discussion with Martin Wiltshire and your discussion with David Wilson I wish to inform you The Oak at Smannell will be invited to apply for brown tourist signing from the nearest 'A' road junction, the A343/C99 north of Icnield Way. The policy has been clarified in this instance to allow brown signage in a rural location that is equal to existing signing to the nearest associated community, i.e. Smannell.

Mayur Patel File Ref S/34/9/1Transportation Engineer Test Valley Borough Council HPSN 991 (8727) Tel 01264 368000

The information in this e-mail is confidential. The content may not be disclosed or used by anyone other than the intended recipient. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the Council's Data Protection Administrator immediately on 01264 368231. Test Valley Borough Council cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of this message as it has been transmitted over a public network. If you suspect that the message may have been intercepted or amended, please call the Data Protection Administrator on the above phone number.

-----Original Message-----From: Robin Hughes [] Sent: 21 September 2008 15:56To: Wiltshire, Martin; Patel, MayurCc: Wilson, DavidSubject: Smannel Oak Pub Tourist Sign

Dear Martin and Mayur,Further to my email last Friday, I have attached a Google map and a couple of pictures. Having been advised of the policy and then looked at the situation on the ground I can understand why I was approached by the Chair of the Smannell parish council.

The policy looks to be inconsistently applied. May I ask you to deliberate on the request again. Please take into consideration the effect the East Anton Major Development Area is likely to have on the local road network and access along the Smannell road from Andover. The road is to be re-routed through the development which for some years will be a very large building site. During this period traffic to Little London, Finkley and Smannell may be reduced along this road which may have a detrimental effect on local amenities such as the village pub. I believe that we need to do all we can to ensure the MDA does not have a detrimental effect on the local village pub.

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